What The G3 Way Means to Our Team

The G3 Way is the culture, heart, and soul of our company. It serves as a framework for our team’s ethical decision-making, reflecting who we are within our team and with our partners. The G3 Way identifies our responsibilities and communicates our beliefs. It supports and reinforces our values of Partnership, Pride, Ownership, and Effectiveness.

What The G3 Way Means to Our Team

“The G3 Way is is something we pride ourselves in. It’s the ability to work together to provide the same services in these unprecedented times.” – Jordan, Project Manager

“The G3 Way is the standard in which we all strive to carry ourselves and rise above expectations.” – Francisco, Lab Supervisor

“It means the values already put in place are second nature now.” – Peter, Lab Supervisor

“I feel that The G3 Way is more employee-focused to me. Yes, it is a great idea to make a lot of profit, but G3 cares about every employee. So employees’ health, happiness, and sanity is more important…” – Channa, Client Services Coordinator

The G3 way becomes part of who you are at work and outside of work. It becomes a way a life because all the values can be utilized in just everyday life. So, if you live The G3 Way it will help in all situations that life throws at you.” – Brian, Business Development Manager

“It is definitely the way that we all treat our clients and each other. It is apparent as soon as you walk in the door.” – Steve, Field Services Manager

“It means to partner with our clients in finding solutions. To always stand next to them when they need the technical support on a project, especially now, and providing as much information as possible on expediating their projects safely.” – Marc, Technical Services Director

“The G3 Way means keeping focused on our goal of being excellent. Taking pride in all that we do. And always looking to what is next on the horizon. Stretching ourselves a bit. Maybe rethinking what and how we do things always in the effort of being better, stronger, and more resilient.” Renee, Controller

Partner with G3 Quality

While we continue to focus on maintaining an environment that best supports the health and well-being of our team members and our partners, doing our part to care for our partners’ projects and business continues to be a top priority as well. Our team is still prepared with remote workstations and resources to continue our service with as little interruption as possible.

At G3 Quality, we are industry leaders who are always embracing change and excellence. We are an elite team of engineers and professionals who provide world-class quality management, pavement engineering, materials design, construction inspection, and testing on infrastructure projects throughout California and the western United States.

To learn more about how G3 Quality can contribute knowledge, expertise, consulting, and professional services to your project, contact us.