What Causes Landslides?

Highway 1 south of Big Sur recently experienced its second large landslide in less than five years. In 2017, the Mud Creek landslide created catastrophic damage that caused closures for over a year as crews worked to clean up, strategize, and rebuild. Just recently, a second landslide damaged road access along Highway 1 at Rat Creek. The area had experienced over 16 inches of rainfall, causing the slope to cave and taking part of the Highway 1 road along with it. 

Caltrans has not announced any official plans or timelines for rebuilding the damaged highway. For now, crews of Caltrans District 5 are securing the area, assessing the damage, and initiating cleanup. In terms of travel, the road is currently open from Carmel through the town of Big Sur. 

What Causes Landslides?

Landslides are caused by disturbances in the natural stability of a slope. They are known to USGS as a type of “mass wasting, which denotes any down-slope movement of soil and rock under the direct influence of gravity.” Almost every landslide will have multiple causes to trigger their movement. These areas of land may have already been weakened by human activity, fires, snowmelt, or other natural causes. Once these areas of land are compromised, natural disasters such as heavy rains or earthquakes can result in landslides and major damage to impacted areas. In California for example, fires are common disasters that are known to destroy vegetation and alter the stability of the land. This makes the area particularly vulnerable to landslides after heavy rains and other natural occurrences.

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