What Are the Desirable Characteristics of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements?

Although you may not have heard of the term “hot mix asphalt,” you’ve likely spotted construction teams spreading it out on the side of your local highway. Up and down the roads of California, paving contractors are revamping damaged pavement with hot mix asphalt, thanks to its cost-effectiveness, weather resistance, rapid cooldown period, and other desirable characteristics.

If you’re in need of specialized HMA materials design services, be sure to reach out to G3 Quality’s local materials experts for vetted guidance. In the meantime, read on to learn about the benefits of hot mix asphalt pavements.

Cost-Effective & Weather Resistant

Hot mix asphalt is produced at a central mixing facility before being transported to a project. Hot mix asphalt usually incorporates RAP (recycled asphalt pavement) as a constituent product in the mixture making it the most cost-effective paving solution in most cases. Hot mix asphalt is 100% recyclable and is the most recycled product in the world. Hot mix asphalt, like most asphalt materials, is designed to resist the environmental conditions anticipated during its service life. This heightened resistance serves to cut down on maintenance costs over time, speaking to the economical nature of hot mix asphalt. Whether it be heavy winds, flooding, or cold winter weather, HMA’s heat absorption effectively melts ice and snow much quicker than other paving materials while remaining intact for longer periods of time.

Rapid Cooldown Means Shorter Road Closures

Although hot mix asphalt is placed at high temperatures, usually over 300 degrees Fahrenheit, it also cools down quickly, providing stability to the pavement mixture. Thanks to its rapid cooldown period, road closures don’t have to last as long – saving time and reducing traffic slowdowns. It’s a great option for busy roads and highways, as construction crews can reopen roads within just a few hours, saving drivers the headache of bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Strength, Durability, & Versatility

Construction teams also opt for hot mix asphalt because of its status as the most durable pavement material, which is another reason for its use on high-traffic roads. It’s also an extremely versatile pavement material; although it largely depends on the aggregate type being used, hot mix asphalt is viable for nearly any road or paving project, whether it be a residential driveway or an interstate highway.

Avoid Premature Cracking with Hot Mix Asphalt

Last but certainly not least, hot mix asphalt is flexible, unlike its concrete counterpart. Thanks to its flexible nature and Performance Graded binders, HMA pavements can be designed to perform in specific climatic regions to prevent cracking or premature damage. This makes hot mix asphalt a go-to mixture in areas that experience extreme weather changes – such as deserts, or parts of the Midwest – through its versatility renders HMA a fitting option for just about any environment.

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