The Pillars of Successful Project Management

At G3 Quality, we have high expectations for our project managers to serve as our clients’ project partners. The three G’s in our company name represent Grow, Guide, and Give, and are part of our founding philosophy. Of these three, “Guide” is something that our project managers must practice on a daily basis. The G3 Quality project managers are our leaders on each project, and they must emulate The G3 Way in order to successfully guide our field staff and collaborate with our clients and project stakeholders. 

Proactive project management is often undervalued on projects when clear communication and reporting related to quality control and quality assurance activities are critical. Our team created and practices G3’s Project Management pillars on each and every project to effectively guide our clients with technical and progress reporting. These pillars are our project management team’s responsibilities and commitments to our clients. 

As a company, we continue to guide our G3 Quality team for continuous self-improvement to always deliver value in a proactive and effective manner. Here is a summary of G3 Quality’s Project Management pillars, which are the framework for ensuring that our project management staff is properly equipped to guide our clients and project partners toward a successful, high-quality project. 


It is the project manager’s responsibility to reach out to clients in a proactive manner throughout the appropriate project stages. This includes making a personal introduction to the client and reviewing the project needs, establishing daily communication to discuss issues and solutions, and following up on past communications when necessary. 


Our project managers should be a positive representation of G3 Quality and of our clients. This can be established by setting the goal that every client-facing meeting should properly represent G3 and our commitments, which should also be in alignment with the client. 

Project managers should also invest in the relationship with the client. They are expected to visit job sites on a regular basis and create regular face-to-face opportunities to discuss project status, concerns, quality, etc. The goal is to work to understand the needs of the client before they necessarily know they need it. 


Our project managers are expected to fulfill the commitments made to our clients. They must recognize G3 Quality’s project responsibility. During each project, project managers must take ownership of delivering appropriate staffing, daily field updates, daily field inspection, and testing reports. They are also responsible for contributing to the solution and resolution of technical project matters. 


Project Managers, as well as all other G3 Quality team members, should conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. This includes the ability to exhibit appropriate, professional conduct and represent the profession effectively while promoting the growth and development of each client. A project manager’s role is to build upon the relationship developed so that it is long-lasting. 

To learn more about our team’s core values, read The G3 Way.


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