The Importance of Technology for the Future of the Construction Industry

As states begin to reopen and the construction industry works to continue projects that may have been put on hold or slowed down due to shortness of staff or funds, construction companies will be looking for ways to keep their projects on schedule and expedite their usual processes to get back on track. This may be a difficult task because of the time lost during these past few months due to Stay-At-Home orders.


At G3 Quality, we pride ourselves on the fact that one of our top priorities is making sure things are completed on time and on budget. Much of this success is due to our reliance on technology to ensure everything is easily accessible and effectively shared with our team and our partners. With this in place, everyone is on the same page at all times. As we look toward a future post-pandemic working environment, we believe that utilizing technology will be an important factor in the success of completing timely projects.


A Technology Tip From the G3 Team

The technology world has provided programs that those in the construction industry can take advantage of as a means of streamlining their projects. Using a team collaboration tool, such as SharePoint, is a great way to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across an organization. At G3, we utilize Sharepoint as a means of staying connected and sharing important information quickly with our team by electronically sharing files, reports, data, and other resources from the office to the field.


We are also prepared with exciting technological solutions utilizing G3’s quality management software, QualityConnect™, to expedite information delivery, save project time, and provide our clients with the data needed to make decisions. Embracing a paperless future and real-time data delivery is our commitment to project excellence.


The G3 Way defines us as industry leaders, always embracing change and excellence. Research and strategy are at the forefront of our operation, where innovative programs are developed and investments are made for future growth. We are always exploring new profitable growth opportunities, new equipment, new technology investments, new geographic locations, and launching new services, so stay tuned!


We are dedicated to partnering with owners, contractors, design-builders, and project delivery teams to effectively provide Quality Management, Pavement Engineering and Materials Design, and Construction Inspection and Testing Services. To learn more about how our team can add value and expertise to your project, contact us. You can also check out our blog for other general tips on how to keep your projects on schedule.

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