The Importance of Quality Control on the Job

Construction worker. Quality control.Quality control plans are a way to ensure the elements involved in the project are held to a high-quality standard that provides a uniform baseline for all projects. In implementing quality control on the job, you are improving the standard of road construction and the materials used, and increasing the quality of any project. This need has grown over the years, as traffic intensifies and the number of cars on the road increases.

In improving the roads’ quality, the overall vehicle operating cost decreases, increasing the drivers’ positive opinions regarding the roadwork. Implementing quality control also reaps economic benefits in the long run by reducing the long-term spend on maintenance of the roads due to a higher level of quality initially on the project. 

Types of Quality Control 

There are two main types of quality control: process control and end control. In process quality control, the designer decides what products to use, which machinery is appropriate for the job and advises the construction procedure and the amount of work required to finish the job correctly. You can view this plan as a way of getting started and being informed throughout the project. 

The second plan leaves more to the actual construction team and less to the field engineering personnel. The end quality control process allows the construction team to choose their materials, equipment, and other elements, and then at the end of their project, the field engineer will test their materials and their quality. 

Why Choose Quality Control?

Quality control tests on materials and procedures ensure that the materials and protocol being used are of a specific quality. Materials should be brought in and stored properly; from there, they are tested and approved or denied to be used on the project. If the materials are older or have been in storage for a while, they are retested to ensure they are still of good quality – if the materials do not pass, they need to be replaced. 

At G3 Quality, we are constantly improving the quality of materials used and projects being executed. It is our responsibility and goal to ensure a high-quality product is being produced as well as safe roadways for our residents. We offer quality management services specific to your program and meet your local and state requirements. 

G3 Quality 

At G3 Quality, we are industry leaders who are always embracing change and excellence. We are an elite team of engineers and professionals who provide world-class quality management, pavement engineering, materials design, construction inspection, and testing on infrastructure projects throughout California and the Western United States.

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