The Importance of a Lab Technician’s Role for Infrastructure Projects


A lab technician serves as a very important part of our services here at G3 Quality. From testing various materials used on the job to ensuring accurate data entry and mathematics for projects, we could not do our job to the best of our ability without our trust lab technicians! 

What Does a Lab Technician Do? 

Lab technicians are the behind the scenes workers in charge of ensuring materials are up to code for the project at hand. They are responsible for testing and analyzing materials such as aggregate, soils, asphalt binders, concrete, and Hot Mix Asphalt. Lab technicians also ensure the correct materials are implemented for each job. 

Lab technicians must adhere to strict safety procedures and standards. These techs provide the framework for how the labs should be run and the proper protocols for carrying out a high quality job. 

Without an experienced lab technician, many of these projects would not be able to continue on in a timely and successful manner. 

What Does It Take to be a Lab Technician at G3? 

At G3, we have labs located in our Bakersfield, Cerritos, and Redlands offices. We also have our mobile lab units that operate at specific job locations and provide accelerated service and results. To be considered for the lab technician position, we recommend that you have prior construction and materials testing experience and that you have certifications to support your knowledge for this position! Our lab technicians work alongside engineers, technical directors, and internal quality managers to ensure our lab services and employees embody The G3 Way. 

Interested in becoming part of the G3 Team? Check out our job listing for our Lab Technician role here. 

Choosing G3 Quality

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