The Benefits of Pavement Preservation

Pavement Preservation is important in safeguarding your investment in a highway system. It’s the implementation of a long term strategy that enhances pavement performance, life, and safety while slowing down the structural decline of pavements. Many premature pavement failures are caused by untreated pavement damage. Pavement Preservation can include a chip seal, slurry seal, micro-surfacing, scrub seals, cape seals, thin hot mix overlays, fog seal, and crack seal. 

While there are short term ways to improve the life of a pavement by applying surface treatments to protect from the effects of traffic and environmental exposures, Pavement Preservation can extend the lifetime of pavement even further, restoring it almost to its original condition. There are many other benefits of Pavement Preservation as well: 

Saves Money

Typically, the ongoing cost of maintaining a pavement’s condition is lower with pavement preservation. It keeps the structure of the road sound before having to repair significant and costly damage. For every dollar spent on preservation, an average of 10 dollars can be saved on future rehabilitation costs. 

Better for the Environment

Pavement Preservation is known to be more eco-friendly. It typically utilizes up to 80% less of the earth’s non-renewable resources than road rehabilitation and construction. Often, recycled aggregates can also be used within slurry seals. Research conducted at Rutgers University has also found that extending the life of pavement through preventative maintenance can reduce greenhouse gasses by up to 2%.

Healthier Traffic Flow

With more extensive damage to roads comes the need for more construction and repairs. Pavements that remain in good condition from Pavement Preservation require fewer traffic delays due to construction. Drivers can get their destination on time traveling on roads that are well-maintained and are easier on their vehicle’s daily wear and tear. Research shows that drivers can save about 2-5% in fuel consumption, tire wear, vehicle repair, and maintenance costs because of smoother surfaces.


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