Vista Drive Rehabilitation Project


The Vista Drive Rehabilitation Project improves the roadway within its existing alignment, thus allowing for the maintenance of acceptable levels of traffic operations within the project area while also accommodating traffic from adjacent development.



Contract Number: 07-01-07404 / G3 # SC1713

Value Contract $500,000

Type: Design-Bid-Build

Owner: City of Weed

Location: Weed, California

Duration June 2021 – October 2021


The project consists of the rehabilitation and reconstruction of roadway surfaces on Vista Drive in the City of Weed from the intersection of South Weed Boulevard on the west side of Interstate 5 to the Pilot Truck Stop on the east. This includes the removal and replacement of approximately 117,000 square feet of existing asphalt concrete pavement, including underlying base material and placement of 1.25-foot-thick jointed plane concrete pavement (JPCP) on top of 0.25-foot-thick asphalt concrete.


G3 performed Quality Control testing for concrete placement. The JPCP Quality Control services included fulltime inspection, daily test reporting, control charts, HIPERPAV reporting, and quality control field testing per project specifications. The testing for air content, density, penetration, moisture meter calibration and material sampling and testing for gradation, cleanness value, sand equivalent was performed twice per day for the project duration. Additionally, G3 tested the flexural strength of concrete beams per breakage requested for modulus of rupture.


G3 was able to use our expertise to assist the client in developing a mix design and utilizing local materials and admixtures that the client had not previously used.