San Bernardino County Transportation Authority Redlands Passenger Rail Project


The Redlands Passenger Rail project, known as the Arrow, is being built to address the region’s population and employment growth and to connect people to alternative transportation choices and destinations, as identified in the SBCTA Measure I Strategic Plan and the SCAG Regional Transportation Plan of 2012.  The Arrow will provide a safe, reliable, and cost-effective travel alternative for local and regional communities including San Bernardino, Loma Linda, and Redlands.  The nine-mile project was environmentally cleared in 2015.

Value: $360M
Type: Design-Bid-Build
Owner: San Bernardino County Transportation Authority
Location: San Bernardino and Redlands, CA


The project proposes the operation of the Arrow passenger rail service between E Street in the City of San Bernardino and the University of Redlands, in the City of Redlands. Passenger rail service will be facilitated via five station stops. Four new station facilities will be constructed consisting of the Tippecanoe Avenue Station, the ESRI station, the Downtown Redlands station, and the University Station. The San Bernardino Transit Center (SBTC) will provide the westerly station stop for the Arrow line. This facility was developed under a separate SBCTA program.


G3 Quality is providing quality management, inspection, and materials testing services on this contract. Our services include implementing and maintaining the project quality manual, materials control schedules, and inspecting and testing all elements of the work including materials testing for soil, aggregates, concrete, hot mix asphalt, and multiple applications of reinforcing steel. Major features of the project include the demolition and reconstruction of approximately 42,800 feet (8.11 track miles) of new, continuously-welded rail, ties, ballast, and roadbed. The project has 24 road crossing replacements with new track and signal appliances, four new bridges including the Santa Ana River bridge, one bridge rehabilitation requiring new deck, ties, rail and ballast, four newly constructed passenger rail stations, and one modified station at the San Bernardino transit center.


This contract was serviced entirely from G3’s Redlands office and laboratory providing efficient testing turn around, local inspection staff, and a facility for the project team to utilize for various training sessions. G3’s project management staff implemented a comprehensive quality program including an effective plan, do, check, act system of quality management while supporting the client’s aggressive construction schedule.