Sacramento River BOH Deck Replacement and Dunsmuir Gap

Overlooking Tauhindauli Park, Upper Soda Road, and Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR), the Sacramento River Bridge is a vital structure that facilitates Interstate 5 access over the majestic Sacramento River. Initially constructed in 1919 as a modest two-lane bridge complete with pedestrian sidewalks, this historical landmark has seen significant transformations over the years. In an effort to accommodate the ever-increasing flow of traffic, a pivotal expansion occurred in 1955. The expansion involved the creation of a parallel structure, mirroring the existing design, effectively increasing the bridge's capacity to four lanes. This development not only improved transportation efficiency but also retained the charm of the original architecture.

However, due to poor roadbed quality and significant defects in the asphalt concrete, the southbound lanes on Interstate 5 require a large amount of maintenance. To address these concerns, a comprehensive project under the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) framework has been initiated. The primary objective of this ambitious undertaking is the replacement of the southbound bridge deck and railing. Additionally, the project encompasses the construction of a new southbound freeway approach. There will be approximately 850 feet of continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP) used to update the roadway for the completion of the 40-year design life pavement rehabilitation. This civil infrastructure project is in a risky area with limited laydown and staging areas.


   Location: Dunsmuir, California
   Duration: 2023 – Est. 2025
   Value: $673 M

  Type: Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC)
  Client: Walsh-Myers JV
  Owner: Caltrans

Efficiency and precision with our on-site laboratory

G3 is providing Quality Control inspection, sampling and materials testing services for the JPCP, ISR-RSC and Aggregate Base. Given the remote nature of the project's location, G3 took proactive measures by establishing an on-site laboratory. This strategic decision was made to not only maintain a high level of accuracy but also to ensure the timely delivery of test results. The on-site laboratory serves as a pivotal component of our project operations, fostering efficiency and precision in our testing processes.

Operating in a remote area comes with its unique set of challenges, including limited access to traditional testing facilities. By setting up our own on-site laboratory, we've effectively mitigated these challenges and reduced potential delays that could result from transporting samples to our office. This move underscores our commitment to excellence, offering our clients the assurance of dependable and swift test results, regardless of the project's geographical constraints.


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