Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) I-15 Express Lanes Project (ELP)


RCTC is committed to improving existing and future mobility along the I-15 corridor, reduce traffic congestion, expand the regional express lanes network, and create choices for travel-time savings and travel-time reliability. To achieve this goal,  RCTC, in partnership with Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration is investing over $470M to improve I-15. 


Value: Overall Project Cost: $472M  
Type: Design-Build
Owner: RCTC  
Location: I-15 from SR-60 on North to Cajalco Road on the South


The first phase consists of the I-15 ELP, which is adding two express lanes to the I-15 in both directions, from SR-60 to Cajalco Road. The project is being built within the existing median and will offer multiple entrances and exit points to the new express lanes, facilitated by the widening and infilling 11 bridge crossings and adding six sound walls for noise abatement. The project also involves the construction of new median bridges spanning 1,800 feet across the Santa Ana River. The scope of the Santa Ana River bridge widening includes the placement of 55 precast concrete girders, weighing 132 tons each, measuring 175 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 7.5 feet tall, which are the largest and heaviest concrete girders ever fabricated and installed on a California highway development.


G3 Quality is an integral part of the Quality Management Team providing quality materials control, inspection, and testing. Our services include providing quality control plans for jointed plain concrete pavement (JPCP), lean concrete base (LCB), preparation of mix designs, Just In Time Training (JITT), and Magnetic Imaging Technology (MIT) services. MIT dowel bar scanning is utilized on the new concrete to ensure dowel bar placement is correct. Major features of the project include several lane miles of subgrade excavations, earthwork placement consisting of high-quality subgrade LCB, overlain by JPCP, within the north and southbound medians.


Our innovations for the project include the use of MIT dowel bar scanning, which is a service unique to G3, as we are currently one of the only firms in California providing this service. Other contributing values to this project include our well-recognized Caltrans experience, demonstrated ability to successfully manage complex construction schedules (including night and weekend shifts), and collaboration with many construction, engineering, and program management entities – all to ensure quality materials and practices are implemented to successfully complete this important regional project.


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Project Details

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority Interstate 10 Express Lanes Corridor Contract 1

Contract Number:
SBCTA 17-1001599; Lane Job #9151; G3 Project Number RD300

G3 Contract $9.5 million; Overall contract $673M


Lane – Security Paving Joint Venture

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority

Los Angeles/San Bernardino County Line to the I-10/I-15 Interchange in Ontario.

2019 to 2023