Port of Long Beach,
Pier E Container Yard Stage 3, Phase 3


As the Port of Long Beach expands to become the nation’s sixth-busiest container port by the end of 2020, the development of the Middle Harbor is a key component to achieving this marine terminal world-class status. The overall Middle Harbor Terminal Redevelopment Project at Pier E consists of three phases of construction with a total cost of nearly $1.5 billion. The third and final phase of the project will develop the final 112 acres. The Port of Long Beach describes the Middle Harbor Terminal Development Project as creating the world’s greenest container shipping terminal, a distinction that furthers our pride of service here.


Value: Stage 3 Program $470M
Type: Design-Bid-Build
Owner: Port of Long Beach 
Location: Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California


G3 Quality is an integral part of the Quality Management Team providing quality materials control, inspection, and testing. Our services include implementing and maintaining the project quality manual, materials control schedules, and inspecting and testing all elements of the work including materials validation for project soils, cement-treated base, Portland cement concrete pavement, cast-in-place and roller-compacted concrete, grout, hot mix asphalt, and railroad ballast. Major features of the project include the build-out of the container yard, extending the wharf to its full length of 4,250 feet, and completing the on-dock rail yard, which will lay an additional 54,000 linear feet of track to complete the terminal’s 73,000-foot network of on-dock rail.


G3 is responsible for ensuring that backfilling and compaction of earthwork fills, together with placement of aggregates, cement-treated base, structural and concrete pavement, railroad ballast, grout, and asphalt concrete pavement comply with project and Port specifications.


Also serving in our role as quality control specialists, we perform inspection services identifying and pre-qualifying materials at the site and the source prior to incorporation into the project. Our contributing value to this project includes our local Port of Long Beach experience, ASTM standards and Port specifications experience, and demonstrated ability to successfully manage complex construction schedules at this busy port terminal, all with the goal to ensure quality materials and practices are implemented for successful completion on this marquee project.


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Project Details

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority Interstate 10 Express Lanes Corridor Contract 1

Contract Number:
SBCTA 17-1001599; Lane Job #9151; G3 Project Number RD300

G3 Contract $9.5 million; Overall contract $673M


Lane – Security Paving Joint Venture

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority

Los Angeles/San Bernardino County Line to the I-10/I-15 Interchange in Ontario.

2019 to 2023