Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (LADPW), On-Call Materials Testing, Pavement Mix Design, and Inspection Services


The mission of the LADPW is to provide public infrastructure and municipal services to protect and enrich the daily lives of over ten million people in Los Angeles County. G3 is under contract to provide as-needed materials testing, pavement mix design, and inspection services at various locations in Los Angeles County.

Value: G3 Contract $1,250,000 (est.)
Type: On-Call As Needed Consulting
Owner: Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Location: Various Project Sites


The service locations are divided into two geographical areas: the LA Basin and North County. The general objective of this on-call contract is to evaluate pavement assets and provide the best, cost-effective geotechnical and materials design and quality assurance inspection and testing services on a variety of projects under this contract.


Our overall services capabilities have included mix design consultation and specialty field and laboratory services such as surface skid resistance with the California Portable Skid Tester, gamma-gamma logging and cross-hole sonic logging, and micro surfacing emulsion (MSE) testing. Specifically, G3 has provided consultation services for the LA County “Cool Pavements” pilot program. This has consisted of pre-placement tasks such as document review, site pavement evaluation, pre-placement laboratory testing, and derivation of cool pavement performance evaluation criteria. G3’s services were carried out through construction, consisting of placement inspection and testing during cool pavement application, and pavement evaluation after placement consisting of field testing, evaluation reporting, and final specification preparation. The specifications prepared by G3 are by LACDPW on their projects. G3 also performs multiple pavement evaluation and structural section design services at the Brackett Field Airport in La Verne. The scope for this task order includes performing a pavement condition assessment, destructive pavement coring and geotechnical evaluation, and non-destructive heavyweight deflectometer testing. Utilizing this data, G3 provides comprehensive pavement condition evaluation reports to assist in best performance designs and project implementation.


Other contributing values to this client and on-call contracting include our well-recognized Caltrans and FAA airport experience, demonstrated ability to solve issues that can affect pavement performance, and integrate best practices that allow for extended service life results. These are all key to our value and successful partnership with this large, municipal client.


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Project Details

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority Interstate 10 Express Lanes Corridor Contract 1

Contract Number:
SBCTA 17-1001599; Lane Job #9151; G3 Project Number RD300

G3 Contract $9.5 million; Overall contract $673M


Lane – Security Paving Joint Venture

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority

Los Angeles/San Bernardino County Line to the I-10/I-15 Interchange in Ontario.

2019 to 2023