LAX Runway 6L - 24R Exits

This project consists of rehabilitation of Runway 6L-24R exits and runway at LAX. Rehabilitation includes the construction of four new acute angle exit taxiways, decommissioning of existing Taxiways Y and Z and the rehabilitation of portions of Runway 24R.

G3 is providing quality control services for P-152 Excavation, Subgrade and Embankment, P-154 Subgrade Course, P-209 Crushed Aggregate Base Course, P-153 Controlled Low Strength Material, P-401 Asphalt Surface Course Placement, P-403 Greenbook Asphalt Surface Course and P-501 PCC Taxiway Placement.

To deliver swift and precise test results to our client, we have established a certified mobile laboratory on-site. In ensuring compliance with the rigorous guidelines set by LAX, our Human Resources Director has taken a central role in overseeing the comprehensive badging procedure. This process encompasses meticulous background checks, fingerprinting, and specialized driver training for every member of our inspection and field technician teams.


   Location: Los Angeles, CA
   Duration: 1/2022 – 1/2025
   Value: $174,000,000

  Type: Design-Bid-Build
  Client: Granite Construction
  Owner: Los Angeles World Airports

Adaptability, Resourcefulness, & Commitment

G3 has faced some unique challenges on this project as LAX mandates a strict 30% local hiring labor agreement. This means that we are required to recruit and employ individuals residing within a specific geographic area or ZIP code in order to participate in this project. To meet this agreement, our team has been focused on recruitment efforts within the specified geographic region, ensuring that our project workforce reflects the diversity and vibrancy of the local community.

While these challenges are indeed unique, they also present an opportunity for G3 to demonstrate our adaptability, resourcefulness, and commitment to working closely with the local community and LAX in achieving a successful and mutually beneficial project outcome.


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