French Valley Airport Runway 18-36, Taxiway A, and Connector Taxiway Pavement Rehabilitation


French Valley Airport (FVA) is bordered by the City of Temecula on the east, City of Murrieta on the west, and the unincorporated community of Winchester on the north.  The FVA is situated on approximately 261 acres and was originally constructed between 1987 and 1989, opening under the owner and operator, Riverside County. According to the current Airport Master Plan for this facility, the FVA is one of 44 general aviation regional airports that the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) considers important to meet the region’s demand for aviation services.


Value: Overall Project $2.4M
Type: Design-Bid-Build
Owner: Riverside County
Location: Unincorporated Riverside County, California


FVA currently operates Runway 18/36 which is 6,000 feet long by 75 feet wide. The reconstruction of the Runway 18/36 is critical to the operation of TVA and necessary to improve the safety and extend the pavements life by an estimated 30 years.


G3 Quality is an integral part of the Quality Management Team providing quality materials control, inspection, and testing. Our services include implementing and maintaining the project quality manual, materials control schedules, and inspecting and testing all elements of the work including materials validation for P-401 asphalt test strip and production paving, P-603 emulsified asphalt tack coat, P-605 joint sealants for pavements, and P-608 emulsified asphalt seal coat. G3 is responsible for ensuring that the re-compaction of existing soil and constructing 3-inch thick asphalt concrete runway pavement comply with project and FAA specifications. Also, in our role, we performed inspection services identifying and pre-qualifying materials at the site and the source prior to incorporation into the project. Major features of the project include the removal of existing asphalt concrete surfaces, performing necessary excavation, recompaction of existing soil, constructing 10,250 tons of P-401 asphalt concrete pavement; and installing pavement markings and striping.


G3 partnered with the hot mix asphalt supplier to develop a P-401 mix design that meets the specification requirements including performing the FAA APA rut test criteria. This project featured an expedited construction schedule, where the entire runway was reconstructed in six days. G3 partnered with all parties to ensure test results were completed and reported daily to mitigate risk from the expedited schedule. Our contributing value to this project also includes our local Riverside County experience, FAA airport experience, demonstrated ability to successfully manage complex construction schedules at this busy regional airport, and collaboration with all project stakeholders to ensure quality materials and practices are implemented to successfully complete this key project.


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Project Details

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority Interstate 10 Express Lanes Corridor Contract 1

Contract Number:
SBCTA 17-1001599; Lane Job #9151; G3 Project Number RD300

G3 Contract $9.5 million; Overall contract $673M


Lane – Security Paving Joint Venture

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority

Los Angeles/San Bernardino County Line to the I-10/I-15 Interchange in Ontario.

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