City of Long Beach, Long Beach Airport Runway 7L-25R Reconstruction


With the continued expected growth in both commercial passenger and cargo traffic at Long Beach Airport (LGB), improvements to the three asphalt runways have been key to successful growth in the past decade. LGB currently operates Runway 12/30 which is 10,000 feet long by 200 feet wide, Runway 8L/26R which is 6,192 feet long by 150 feet wide, and Runway 8R/26L which is 3,918 feet long by 100 feet wide. In July 2018, both Runways designated as 7R and 7L needed to be redesignated to account for natural shifts in the earth’s magnetic field.

Value: Construction contract $15.1M
Type: Design-Bid-Build
Owner: City of Long Beach – Long Beach Airport
Location: Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California


The focus of our work was on former Runway 7L-25R (Runway), which is used for general aviation. The $15M reconstruction of the Runway was critical to the operation of LGB. The Runway had been in use for over 20 years and needed reconstruction. As part of the monumental $15.1M grant that the City of Long Beach received from the FAA, this project was made possible to improve the safety and extend the pavements life by an estimated 30 years.


G3 Quality is an integral part of the Quality Management Team providing quality materials control, inspection, and testing. Our services include implementing and maintaining the project quality manual, materials control schedules, and inspecting and testing all elements of the work including materials validation for FAA P-152 aggregates, P-155 lime-treated subgrades soils, P-401 asphalt test strip and production paving, and the P-403 base, intermediate, and surface course paving materials. Major features of the project include the removal of existing asphalt concrete surfaces, performing necessary excavation and grading 200,000 cubic yards, re-compaction of existing soil, constructing 60,000 tons of P-401 asphalt concrete pavement on 90,000 square yards of P-152 crushed aggregate base, installing pavement markings and striping, runway edge lighting and signs, storm drain improvements and hydro-seeding.


G3 is responsible for ensuring that the re-compaction of existing soil, construction of lime-treated soil, construction of crushed aggregate base, and constructing 12-inch thick asphalt concrete pavement all comply with project and FAA specifications. Also in our role, we perform inspection services identifying and pre-qualifying materials at the site and the source prior to incorporation into the project. Our contributing value to this project includes our local City experience, FAA airport experience, demonstrated ability to successfully manage complex construction schedules at this busy airport, and collaboration with geotechnical and pavement engineering consultants to ensure quality materials and practices are implemented to successfully complete this key project.