Caltrans District 7, Interstate 710 Pavement Rehabilitation and Bridge Widening Project


The project consists of rehabilitating a portion of Interstate 710 (five lanes in each direction) with Class 3 Base, Lean Concrete Base-Rapid Setting (LCB-RS), Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (JPCP), Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement – Rapid Setting (JPCP-RSC), Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP) and Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement – Rapid Setting (CRCP-RSC).  


Value: Overall Program $151M  
Type: Design-Bid-Build
Owner: Caltrans District 7 Right-of-Way  
Location: Cities of Bell, Commerce, Vernon, and an unincorporated area of East Los Angeles from Slauson Avenue to State Route 60, Los Angeles County, California


All northbound lanes between Bandini Boulevard and the Interstate 5 / 710 Interchange are being replaced. The Hobart Yard Bridge, which spans the BNSF16 rail tracks and several LA Metro lanes is also undergoing widening. I-710 has five non-standard lanes (11 feet wide) in each direction and is being widened to five standard lanes (12 feet wide) with 8-foot wide shoulders (inside and outside). In addition, the median shoulders are being repaved with JPCP, and the median barrier will be upgraded to meet current standards.


G3 Quality has been delivering quality control inspection, sampling, and testing services on the project since construction began in 2019. Our scope covers quality control management for Class 3 base 3, Lean Concrete base, JPCP, JPCP-RSC, CRCP, CRCP-RSC, and structural concrete as well as the developing the rapid set mix designs for the project. Major features of the project include first the removal of 30,000 cubic yards of concrete, 3,000 tons of asphalt, and 5,000 tons of steel. New materials brought to the project include 30,000 cubic yards of base materials, 40,000 cubic yards of concrete, 10,000 tons of asphalt, and 10,000 tons of steel. Also, client Flatiron set up a batch plant at the Bandini Boulevard off-ramp in Vernon to produce concrete for repaving, which is using concrete removed from the existing site structures, barriers, and pavements.


Our contributing values to this project include our well-recognized Caltrans experience, demonstrated ability to successfully manage complex construction schedules (including night and 25 to 55-hour weekend shifts), and collaboration with many construction, engineering, and program management entities – all to ensure quality materials and practices are implemented to successfully complete this important regional project.


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Project Details

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority Interstate 10 Express Lanes Corridor Contract 1

Contract Number:
SBCTA 17-1001599; Lane Job #9151; G3 Project Number RD300

G3 Contract $9.5 million; Overall contract $673M


Lane – Security Paving Joint Venture

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority

Los Angeles/San Bernardino County Line to the I-10/I-15 Interchange in Ontario.

2019 to 2023