Pavement Engineering & Design

Ensure Your Materials Last with G3's Pavement Design Services

G3 thoroughly understands pavement design needs backed by a comprehensive understanding of current specification language and a record of providing innovative pavement preservation strategies. G3 Quality provides pavement consulting services including pavement design and rehabilitation, pavement evaluations, specification development, and materials designs. We specialize in understanding the specific type of pavement for the design and the use of sustainable construction materials.

G3 prides itself on understanding owners’ needs and expectations for pavement performance and life. With extensive experience in pavement design and rehabilitation strategies during design and construction, G3 tailors design recommendations to best fit the needs of the pavement owner and its users.

Whether a flexible pavement utilizing polymer-modified binders, concrete pavement, or an in-place sustainable recycled pavement method, G3 has the expertise to provide you with optimized pavement designs and recommendations.

“Well-engineered pavements are key to sustainable, long-lasting infrastructure. Our teams optimize durable asphalt and concrete mixes, research innovations, and go beyond standard testing. This provides robust pavements that withstand loading, weathering, and time while reducing maintenance costs.”


- Chris Gerber, President, G3 Quality

Our Pavement Engineering & Design Services

Discover how G3 Quality can guide your pavement design and engineering efforts and ensure that your materials are sustainable for the long-term:

Pavement Inertial Profiling, Grind Simulations, & Evaluation Recommendations

G3 offers the services of inertial profiling that complies with Caltrans, FHWA, FAA, and NAVFAC specifications. We can provide consulting services to owners and contractors to achieve optimal pavement smoothness.

Pavement Evaluation & Expert Witness Services

G3 has the expertise in pavement design, evaluation, and material properties to adequately assess pavement distress and provide comprehensive reports and expert witness services.

Geotechnical Investigation & Studies

G3s engineers can investigate the subgrade properties and project recommendations for subgrade preparation for new pavement construction or pavement rehabilitation.

Design & Constructability Review

Through G3’s extensive design and construction experience, G3 can provide design and constructability reviews of plans and specifications. Our experts not only provide a meticulous analysis but also the infusion of creative insights, ensuring your project meets industry standards. This strategic approach has the potential to limit construction change orders and minimize costly delays, thereby optimizing your project's success.

Pavement Preservation Strategies

G3 specializes in providing expert guidance on pavement preservation strategies that effectively prolong the lifespan of public roadways. Our extensive experience not only includes recommending the most suitable preservation approaches but also encompasses the implementation of these strategies. This hands-on knowledge equips both owners and contractors with invaluable insights into the essential placement procedures necessary for achieving successful preservation outcomes.

Specialized Pavement Services

  • Magnetic Imaging Technology (MIT) – G3 utilizes this state-of-the-art technology to locate dowel bars in jointed plain concrete pavements.
  • Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) – G3 utilizes FWD during pavement evaluations to evaluate the support of the existing pavement structure.
  • Coring/Boring and Subsurface Soil Sampling – G3 investigates existing subgrade and pavement materials through a coring/boring and sampling plan specifically created by G3’s engineers to evaluate the needed parameters in a pavement investigation.
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) and Field California Bearing Ratio (Field CBR) – G3 uses the DCP or Field CBR equipment to evaluate the in-situ soil strength.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) – GPR is used by G3 to locate existing reinforcement and concrete thickness during investigations to facilitate coring and existing design parameters.


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