Our Company Culture: Get to Know Some of the G3 Quality Team

At G3 Quality, our people are our greatest asset, especially so during this unprecedented time due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We are always striving to provide security, fulfillment, and purpose in our jobs. We value that our G3 team experiences a respectful, inclusive, and collaborative work environment that promotes individual growth and team engagement. We’ve gathered some fun facts about some of our team members who have shared what they bring to our team and who they are off the job site:

What attracted you to G3 Quality?

“I was attracted to the professional culture and company values set forth by G3’s founders.” – Chris Trull, Senior Project Manager

“I was recommended by a long-term colleague. Everyone I interviewed with, beginning with the leadership, through management, and among my team members, all exhibited passion for the wellbeing of the employees and a commitment to excellence. I was really impressed with the care and commitment at all levels. That continues on a daily basis.” – Renee Thomas, Controller


Do you have any key skills or a specialized area of focus?

I studied geology at CSUF for 5 years. I also worked as a deputy grading inspector for 28 years in the field.” – Steve M. Solis, Field Services Manager


What projects do you enjoy working on?

“I enjoy performing research on what materials are best suited for a project and meeting the needs for pumpability, workability, and to be able to place concrete. I enjoy working with clients such as materials suppliers, agencies and large civil contractors, as they are always inspired to push for newer technologies and efficiencies in products.”- Marc G. Robert, Technical Services Director


What does The G3 Way mean to you?

“The G3 Way becomes part of who you are– at work and outside of work. It becomes a way of life because all the values can be utilized in everything you do. So, if you live the G3 Way, it will help in all situations that life throws at you.”  – Brian Platt, Business Development Manager


What are three things you like to do outside of work?

“I enjoy snow skiing, home improvement projects, and running.” – Zachary Wheeler, Operations Manager

“Outside of work, I love to explore different types of foods and visiting different restaurants. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends.” – Channa Hoy, Client Services Coordinator


What’s a fun fact about you?

“In the early to mid-1990s, I was a drummer in a heavy rock band called Perfect Circle.  My band played in some well-know clubs such as Bogart’s in Long Beach and Cocoanut Teaser in Hollywood.  We also recorded many songs in professional studios, so that was a lot of fun! Downside is loss of some hearing, no doubt.” – Jim Cunneen, Business Development Director

To learn more about the G3 Quality team and our journey, click here. For more information on how G3 Quality can contribute knowledge, expertise, consulting, and professional services to your project, contact us!


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