Materials Design

Our experts are experienced in the development of high-performance sustainable materials design

G3 Quality’s local materials experts are active in California’s evolving agency specifications. Our team has extensive knowledge of local materials, environmental conditions, and production of materials.

With this experience, G3 Quality offers a multitude of specialized materials design and research services.

“Testing and verifying materials is crucial before building begins, a truth our team is deeply in tune with. Our mix designs, testing, and research ensure materials meet all safety and regulatory standards, providing the confidence that they’ll perform as expected on the job site.”


- Chris Gerber, President, G3 Quality

Our Materials Design Services

G3 Quality can support your project with several materials design services, from HMA, soil-cement, and cement-treated base designs to ensuring materials are ASTM C33-qualified.

Take a look at our full list of materials design services below and find out why G3 Quality is the local leader in materials design.


Test your soil material for maximum density and optimum moisture, among other testing services. G3 Quality has the tools to carry out R-Value testing, in-place density testing, and soil cement mix designs. By providing accurate and reliable results for your soil-related projects, our geotechnical experts will ensure all materials are up to par.

Aggregate ASTM C33 Qualification

G3 performs all of the qualitative testing as per the ASTM C33 specifications that are used by Federal, State, and Local County, and City agencies. Based on the required group of testing, the user can develop concrete and HMA designs, used in underground work, Military and FAA airport projects.

Concrete Laboratory Trial Batching

G3’s technical Staff are qualified to develop concrete mix proportions for work in Caltrans, Corp of Engineers, FAA Airports, Metro Rail, commercial projects, structural high-rise buildings, and Ports including Long Beach and Los Angeles. Our laboratories are equipped to run specialized testing.

Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Mix Designs

G3’s technical staff develops HMA designs in accordance with federal, state, and local agency specifications. After closely analyzing aggregates, we can develop optimal blends to maximize volumetric and performance properties. Our material testing laboratories have the equipment and qualified staff to efficiently carry out tests.

Slurry Seal, Chip Seal, & Micro Surfacing Mix Designs

G3 develops and performs Slurry Seals, Chip Seals, and Micro-Surfacing mix designs in accordance with Federal, State, and Local Agencies, ISSA, and ASTM specifications. From emulsion, aggregate, and mix testing, our laboratories are equipped with the proper equipment and qualified staff to efficiently perform these designs.

Specialty Concrete Mixes & Research on New Concrete Products

G3 is a great source for expertise in the development of new products for concrete. We have on-staff engineers who can develop the protocol to meet the requirements of most agencies and have the ability to assist in product approval for Caltrans projects.

Soil-Cement & Cement-Treated Base Designs

G3’s engineering staff evaluates the soil/base material samples prior to determining the optimum moisture and cement contents. The laboratory staff performs a multi-point design to determine the optimum moisture and cement content that produces the compressive strength required by the specifications.

Full Depth Reclamation-Cement (FDR)

G3’s engineering staff evaluates the pulverized asphalt and base materials from the FDR cement mixing depth prior to determining optimum moisture and cement contents. The laboratory staff then performs a three-point design to determine the optimum moisture and cement content that produces the unconfined compressive strength required by the specifications.


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