Looking Back: First Quarter Project Spotlight – Friant Kern Canal Middle Reach Capacity Correction Project

Friant Kern Canal Middle Reach Capacity Correction ProjectThe Friant-Kern Canal is a 152-mile-long waterway that extends from the Friant Dam at Millerton Lake north of Fresno to the Kern River in Bakersfield. The original canal, built-in 1951, was designed to convey up to 5,000 cubic feet per second (CFS) of water to over 1 million acres of farmland and thousands of residents within the San Joaquin Valley. Settlement in the soils along the length of (and beneath) the canal has reduced the canal’s ultimate capacity, created risk of overflowing the sides, and diminished the ability to provide consistent water delivery.

This multi-phase project will ultimately restore the capacity from its current 1,600 CFS back to design capacities.
The currently underway Phase 1 of this project constructs a new 10-mile-long stretch of concrete-lined canal parallel to the existing canal with no planned disruption to the existing canal and the current water delivery operations.

G3 Quality’s Role

G3 is providing Materials Control services in partnership with the Brosamer and Wall/Tutor Perini Joint Venture. Our role on the project is to work directly with the construction production team to implement the quality program and utilize our experience with all facets of infrastructure construction to liaise between the multiple stakeholders and municipalities, their respective quality requirements, and ensure that the project’s outcome meets the client’s standards.

Currently, G3 is providing subject matter expertise on the mix design development for the structural concrete, un-reinforced concrete lining, and other miscellaneous concrete, to meet the stringent material properties specified for such an integral infrastructure project. Additionally, we are providing field materials quality technicians for major grading and excavation activities, concrete pre-qualifications, County of Tulare roadway widening (to support local agriculture haul routes during project construction) and guidance for existing material suitability. G3 also provided full procurement for the required on-site Government Testing Laboratory, including the facility, furniture, and testing equipment set-up and calibration.

As the project ramps up into peak construction, we will be providing testing and inspection services on earthwork, asphalt paving, structural concrete, grouting, and canal paving operations. With that, we are looking forward to utilizing our experience, technicians, and an on-site mobile laboratory to provide timely and efficient communication of quality control testing to mitigate the effect changes in the materials or production processes may have on the completion of a quality project within the strict timeframe allotted for this phase of the project.

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