How Do Mobile Labs Benefit Contractor Teams on the Job Site?

At G3 Quality, research and strategy are at the forefront of our operation. We provide sound ethical engineering solutions that are cost-effective and sustainable to our clients. That’s why we’ve incorporated mobile facilities to help expedite project test result timing from days to merely a matter of hours.

Ultimately, the process of using mobile labs enhances our clients’ projects by keeping tasks on schedule and costs down. These labs provide onsite, immediate test results. They also give the project-quality team immediate information to control or correct areas that may need re-work. Mobile labs are specially equipped to fulfill project testing requirements in the most efficient and value-added manner and are held to the same calibration standard as a permanent laboratory.

G3 Quality has a total of four mobile laboratories that cater to the needs of a specific job site:

Concrete Testing

The quality of concrete is judged by its strength. Two of G3 Quality’s mobile labs are set up as mobile concrete testing facilities. They are used for projects that require early testing of the concrete. The required strength is a design consideration that is determined by the structural engineer. It is attained and verified by properly evaluating the test results provided by the mobile lab.

Aggregate Testing

Our third mobile lab is set up specifically for aggregate testing. The lab is brought to project sites to test construction materials for specification compliance. This is to ensure high-quality and long-lasting performance. Aggregate forms the skeleton for concrete. It greatly influences the load transfer capability of pavements and slabs. When testing aggregate, technicians will determine its strength, toughness, hardness, shape, water absorption, etc.


Hot Mix Asphalt Superpave

G3 Quality’s fourth mobile lab is set up for both aggregate testing and hot mix asphalt superpave testing. This mobile facility is brought to project sites to test both the aggregate that is being utilized for the project and any of the hot mix asphalt used for specification compliance. The laboratory provides critical daily results during production including binder content, gradation, air voids, voids in mineral aggregate. These results allow our client partners to optimize their mixes and maintain confidence in their production.

Our mobile laboratories are customized facilities specific to the requirements of your project. They improve safety, quality, efficiency, and value. To learn more about how G3 Quality can contribute knowledge, equipment, expertise, labor, and skill to your project, contact us.

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