G3 Welcomes New Box Truck to its Mobile Testing and Inspection Family

G3 welcomes a new member to its mobile testing and inspection laboratory family – a 16-foot box truck, optimal for increased maneuverability when testing and monitoring on-site rapid strength concrete. Today, the truck deployed from headquarters; cleaned, packed, and ready to go for a Caltrans project on Route 155 near Delano, CA. The work involves colored, stamped, Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) pavement for a roundabout at Route 155 and Browning Road, and we’re providing testing for mix-design compliance. Our rapid strength concrete box truck is equipped with a compressive testing machine, curing/storage devices, splitters for preparation of aggregates for further testing in field conditions, portable mechanical and hand sieves, washing devices, and scales.

This truck is the first of more to come, increasing G3’s ability to take on larger jobs with higher demand in a variety of site conditions. After today, the truck will never be as shiny and new, but the dirt is worth the trouble as this self-sufficient testing facility increases G3’s ability to provide fast, reliable test results.

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