G3 Quality Celebrates our Partnering Relationships with a Client Appreciation Lunch

Relationship building is an extremely important and enjoyable part of our industry. G3 Quality acknowledges this and strives to reach out to our partners, find out what is valuable to them, and then incorporate that knowledge into our business practices. The nature of this event was to spend quality time with our partners and nurture those relationships

We invited guests to tour our facility and mobile testing laboratories, meet our staff, and share some good food. Guests were asked to participate in a “scavenger hunt” that took them on a self-guided tour through our onsite laboratory where we test the quality of construction materials and develop mix designs; then on to different areas of our office to meet our staff and find out what they’re working on; and on to the outside of our facility where guests engaged with G3 staff to learn more about the benefits of our rapid set concrete mobile testing and inspection trucks.

Last, but not least, guests joined us for Brazilian food catered by a small local business. Our very own in-house comedian, Francisco Miranda, said a few words to greet guests and announced the winners of the scavenger hunt, which included Granite, Ninyo & Moore, and All American Asphalt.

We truly appreciate our partners and the relationships we’re building, and we thank everyone for coming and enjoying some quality time!

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