G3 Core Values: Ownership

At G3 Quality, we have a strong foundation built upon our core values: Partnership, Ownership, Pride, and Effectiveness. But these aren’t just words that we like—they are how we conduct ourselves and our business. 

We proudly embody these values every day, on every job, with every client. When doing business with us, it is our goal to represent G3 Quality in the best way possible by basing our work on these values. Ownership is one of the most important values, especially when it comes to many simultaneous projects and working relationships. 

Ownership on the Job 

At G3, we define ownership as acknowledging one’s claim, authority, power, and responsibility for something. When we are on a project, our team takes full ownership of the task at hand. While project managers may have extra responsibilities and duties while on a job, our entire G3 Team works together to own the project and deliver a great end product. Project managers take ownership in delivering appropriate staffing, daily field updates, daily field inspections, and testing reports. 

Ownership in the Office

We place great emphasis on ownership with our clients and on projects, but we also believe in maintaining ownership inside the G3 office as well. Each employee is responsible for their own tasks and responsibilities and should always take full ownership of all they do. G3 Quality aims to hire the best of the best that align with our core values. Taking ownership of oneself comes naturally for members of our team. 

Effectively Owning the Project 

Being a united and effective team requires a leader who can guide their team members while also taking ownership of their work and their team’s work. It’s all about embodying strong values and efficiency any time the G3 name is being represented. We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to interacting with each other and our clients. See what sets us apart next time you need top-quality work done. 

Work With G3 Quality

At G3, we are industry leaders who are always embracing change and excellence. We are an elite team of engineers and professionals who provide world-class quality management, pavement engineering, materials design, construction inspection, and testing on infrastructure projects throughout California and the Western United States.

To learn more about how G3 Quality can contribute knowledge, expertise, consulting, and professional services to your project, contact us.