G3 Core Value: Effectiveness

At G3 Quality, we have built our company on four principles: Partnership, Ownership, Pride, and Effectiveness. We strongly believe in these values and base our work off of these four very important words. Everyone that is part of the G3 Team conducts their work by these principles. 

Effectiveness is an important part in any project we do. From structures and roads to testing the materials on the job with our portable laboratory services, G3 Quality is always sure to tackle any project in the most effective way possible. While partnering with the G3 Team, you will notice our efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to any matter at hand. 

Lab Services 

Being able to test the quality of the materials being used to construct public roadways or structures significantly impacts the timeline and quality of the project. Looking to improve our testing effectiveness, we implemented our mobile laboratory testing centers. By having mobile labs onsite, both time and money is saved and the turnaround on the project increases significantly. Having mobile labs onsite removes the middleman who would regularly be in charge of transporting materials to and from the lab; this usually takes days before the results are in. Our goal is to work smarter, not harder—mobile labs are the most efficient and effective way to provide our partners with results. 

Effectively Building Communities 

By helping to provide the state of California with reliable and safe infrastructure, G3 is completely committed to an effective plan when it comes to the public’s projects. From planning to execution, time-management and budgeting, G3 Quality knows how to stay on track and work efficiently and effectively! 

We pride ourselves on our work and our commitment to the project and client. Being effective just comes with the territory when you have been in the industry as long as we have. Staying on track, providing efficient services, and working closely with project managers allows for G3 Quality to maintain an effective role in any project of any size. 

G3 Quality 

At G3, we are industry leaders who are always embracing change and excellence. We are an elite team of engineers and professionals who provide world-class quality management, pavement engineering, materials design, construction inspection, and testing on infrastructure projects throughout California and the Western United States.

To learn more about how G3 Quality can contribute knowledge, expertise, consulting, and professional services to your project, contact us.