Fun Facts About the G3 Team

Although we are a highly technical company and employ talented professionals in every aspect, we strive to create a company culture where our team is growing as professionals while also having fun. We also value family commitments to ensure a comfortable work-life balance. 

We asked some of our G3 team members to share a fun fact about themselves.

Fun Facts About the G3 Team

“I was born on the 4th of July.” – Jordan R. 

“I was born the same year as my older brother, same mom and dad, and we are not twins.” – Francisco M. 

“I’m left-handed at everything, except I throw right-handed.” – Peter R. 

“I can cook almost any dish.” – Lance F. 

“I once changed a flat tire on a Nissan Sentra in less than 10 minutes wearing heels.” Channa H. 

“I am a certified commercial diver and have worked all over the country.” – Brian P. 

“I am a whiz at 80’s (KROQ) new wave music. I can hear just a bit of an 80’s song and can tell you the band/artist, name of the song, and the lead singer. Rarely get stumped.” Steve S. 

“I have skydived, bungee jumped, zip lined, and hugged Shamoo!” – Chris T. 

“I can draw a circle with one hand while the other hand is hammering.” – Hysun L. 

“I have 2 movies I did with a friend that are available on Amazon Prime.” – Marc R. 

“Wine tasting is a passion. I spend quite a bit of time in Temecula with friends and family. Too many wine clubs to list!” – Renee T. 

“I love to go line dancing.” Heather W. 


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