Establishing a Positive Work Environment, The G3 Way

At G3 Quality, our people are our greatest asset. Since our company was founded, we have worked to ensure that each employee experiences a respectful, inclusive, and collaborative work environment. We strive to promote both personal growth and team engagement. 

We’ve gathered three important things we consider as we work to maintain a positive work environment: 

Work-Life Balance

Promoting a manageable work-life balance is a big one for G3. We want our team to know that their lives outside of work should be a top priority. This has been especially true during the pandemic, as many of our staff are still working remotely to ensure their health and safety and to allow them to take care of personal matters at home. We also take the time to get to know our employees loved ones and extend an invitation to family members for company gatherings and events (pre-pandemic, of course!). At G3, we strive to be a second home for our team members, and we believe that family always comes first! 

Opportunity for Growth

We employ a wide range of technical professionals. One thing that we believe is crucial to the growth of the company is the growth of our individual team members. That’s why we established the G3 Academy to help our team members build and excel in their careers. G3 Academy provides detailed training and employee development opportunities. This gives our team the resources to help them grow in areas that may be outside of their technical comfort zone. 

Team-Oriented Setting

At G3, we have dozens of employees with specific skill sets and backgrounds. Even though so many of us are unique in our own way, we are able to come together to collaborate, problem-solve, and of course, have fun! Our ability to build off one another and help each other out are things that seem to come naturally at G3, and we are so grateful to work alongside such a hardworking and encouraging group of professionals! 

Meet the G3 Team

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