Core Values: The Foundation of Every Successful Project

There are certain qualities of a team that hold fundamental to maintaining a successful operation. At G3 Quality, this is accomplished by the reinforcement of our core values – partnership, pride, ownership, and effectiveness. These core values contribute to what we like to call “The G3 Way”. 

The G3 Way serves as a framework for ethical decision making. It reflects who we are internally, externally, and identifies our responsibilities. It communicates our beliefs and describes how clients, employees, and vendors can expect to be treated as a result. It is the culture, heart, and soul of our company.


To exceed a client’s needs, tasks large and small must be completed with the highest quality and with a sense of urgency. Our team continuously strives for self-improvement, to offer value, and to serve clients enthusiastically – providing an exceptional experience. Through fulfilling responsibilities and being true to values, client partners have an opportunity to be equally successful and positively impact surrounding communities.


To complete projects with high quality, each team member involved takes pride in the work they complete. Pride stems from a deep passion for producing exceptional work, exceeding the client’s expectations, and enhancing our communities’ functionality. At G3 Quality, we work to facilitate a working environment that fosters a love for the work we do and the drive to take ownership in each and every project completed. 


Ownership is more than just holding yourself accountable. It’s establishing yourself as a leader and taking responsibility for a project, regardless of your position or level within a company. The success of a project depends on the team’s confidence, humility, attentiveness, and composure. True ownership establishes a deeply rooted trust – internally between team members and externally amongst other project entities.


To be an effective industry leader, you must embrace change and excellence. At G3 Quality, research and strategy are at the forefront of our operation, innovative programs are always in progress, and investments are made for future growth. We are always looking for ways to increase our effectiveness and add value with new equipment, new technology investments, new geographic locations, and new services.

Partner With Us 

We are an elite team of engineers and professionals who provide world-class quality management, pavement engineering, materials design, construction inspection, and testing on infrastructure projects throughout California and the western United States. 

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