Construction Inspection & Field Testing Services

Construction Inspection & Field QA/QC Testing

G3 Quality provides multi-certified, highly qualified field inspectors and technicians who are local to your project and who take pride in the success of each project. All G3 field inspectors and testers are G3 Quality employees who abide by #TheG3Way and our company’s values and provide true project partnership. They are the foundation of our field services and take pride in their work.

G3 is a signatory to both Local 3 and Local 12 Operating Engineers and has offices located throughout California providing us the resources to staff projects anywhere in California. Our field services department specializes in providing inspection and testing services for some of the most complex and challenging infrastructure projects. Our inspectors and technicians are Caltrans, ACI, CWI, AWS, and ICC certified professionals. In conjunction with our highly qualified and certified field staff, G3 maintains a fleet of certified mobile laboratories enabling our technicians to quickly provide accurate results to our clients.

“Our niche is construction materials inspecting and testing – most of the time, geotechnical engineers or construction firms have it as a side service. But at G3 Quality, it’s at the core of what we do.”


- Chris Gerber, President, G3 Quality

Our Inspection & Field Testing Services

Find out how we can support your project, and why G3 Quality is the preferred QA/QC partner for construction inspection and material testing throughout the golden state.

Earthwork and Flexible Pavement Compaction Control

Our qualified and experienced field staff monitor the process and placement of materials to verify they are suitable and approved under project plans and specifications. They test and report materials compaction to ensure it meets quality requirements.

High-Speed Inertial Profiling of Pavements

Inertial Profiling of Pavement is the analysis of asphalt and concrete roughness for airport, bridge, or roadway projects. Our experts create grind plans, provide data evaluations, and recommendations to improve the ride quality of pavement.

Pavement Coring

G3’s Field Technicians use specialized drills and diamond tipped hollow drill bits to extract representative samples of the subject material for analysis. Asphalt or concrete pavement cores can be evaluated for pavement thickness, density, or overall quality compliance. Full depth coring can also identify characteristics of underlying materials.

Magnetic Imaging Scanning for Dowel Bar Alignment

Magnetic Image Scanning is a non-destructive and efficient approach to determine dowel bar placement in concrete pavement providing real-time data of dowel bar position and alignment to verify placement is within the project specifications. Utilizing the MIT-DOWEL-SCAN system, our team first collects dowel bar information by running an electromagnetic trolley unit over the top of the joint to be tested. Then, pairing the system with MagnoProof evaluation software, our staff is able to provide data relating to the horizontal and vertical alignment and orientation of each dowel bar in the series.

Preventative Street Maintenance Treatment Inspection and Testing

We understand the importance of pavement maintenance programs. To ensure success, our technicians verify that the surface is cleaned and prepared in accordance with program standards prior to the day’s operations. Throughout the day our team samples for conformance testing, verifies set time and monitors the ambient weather conditions. Our team is experienced, capable, and qualified to provide pavement condition rehabilitation and repair recommendations and reports.

Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Inspection and Testing

Our certified inspectors are experienced in monitoring plant production activities in conformance with project specific quality programs and industry standards. They have extensive experience in the identification and resolution of potential problem areas in batching and production, such as lime treatment, aggregate and binder storage, mixing temperatures, recycled asphalt pavement and rubber additive handing, scale verification, and variance in processes.

Concrete Production Inspection and Testing

Our G3 staff is comprised of ASTM, ACI, and Caltrans Certified concrete testers and inspectors dedicated to the production of quality concrete materials. Our on-site testers and inspectors are familiar with local specifications for material quality testing and experienced in the best practices for concrete proportioning, reinforcement and dowel bar installation, concrete mixing and delivery, as well as paving and curing operations.

Onsite Custom Mobile Laboratories

Reach the peak of materials testing convenience with G3 Quality’s mobile laboratories. G3 has the ability and proven experience to tailor a mobile laboratory to each project when the needs of the project dictate tight turn-around windows and constant communication with the production team. From rapid-setting concrete projects that require near-immediate flexural break results to open the road and limit impact to traffic to remote projects where daily travel is not feasible, our team has provided fully accredited tailored solutions to keep projects moving forward with the most recent and reliable data.


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