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This position maintains, prepares, and stages Company field equipment for field use. The Equipment Technician also keeps track of Company equipment and works with outside vendors as necessary to repair and service equipment and tools. This position reports to the Field Services Manager.


Repair & Maintenance:

  • Oversee repair and service on a variety of field equipment including but not limited to generators, nuclear gauges, core bits and scales.
    • Make basic repairs to and clean equipment and tools.
    • Coordinate the service and repair of equipment and tools with outside vendors as needed.
  • Maintain Field Equipment area(s) by ensuring clean and organized stations.
  • Maintain field small tools such as generator, core rigs, plastic property concrete gear (as directed) and maintain clean organized field tools area in Lab. Ensure that all tools are maintained, clean and in working order, at all times.


Record Keeping:

  • Maintain accurate inspector sign-in/out sheet for nuclear gauges and field equipment so all equipment and tools are accounted for at all times.
  • Maintain accurate calibration records in SharePoint so that all equipment is calibrated per standard specifications.


Delivery & Stocking:

  • Clean and stock Field Services Vehicles, Box Trucks, mobile labs, and trailers as directed by Field Services Manager, so that they are ready when needed.
  • Deliver equipment to field staff when necessary.
  • Deliver equipment to vendors for repair and calibration.


Additional Duties:

  • Empty dump trailer as directed or when full.
  • Log time accurately and with appropriate detail.
  • Achieve no injuries or accidents.
  • Other duties as required.

Pay Scale:

  • $20 an hour


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