Caltrans Tips: Please Remember Winter Travel Safety

While spring has sprung and we begin to get into warmer weather, it is important to remember that the proper precautions should be taken when traveling through some of California’s beautiful snowy landscape. Caltrans, a proud partner of G3, has issued some last-minute safety tips for anyone planning on hitting colder weather.

Caltrans recommends the following before your travels:

  • Ensure your brakes, windshield wipers, heater, and defroster are working properly.
  • Have anti-freeze in your windshield wiper system.
  • Make sure your tires are filled properly and in good condition for the icy roads.
  • You must have the appropriate tire chains or traction device.
  • Always carry extra food and water with you in case of an emergency.


When and Where of Tire Chains

If chains are required during your travels, you will be notified via highway signs. California Highway Patrol will be monitoring the roads for anyone that has failed to comply with this rule and will be issuing citations. CHP wants to remind everyone to be safe when applying chains and to be sure to pull completely off of the road and out of any possible traffic!

Staying Safe on the Road

To prevent any delays or hazards while traveling to your destination, we want to remind you of the proper tips to do so. Seatbelts should always be worn while traveling- regardless of the climate!

Be sure to follow the posted speed limit and to take your time when traveling through ice and snow. Many people forget that with road conditions changing due to weather, your driving should also adapt.

Having a full tank of gas when beginning the journey and keeping your windshield clear of snow and ice is very important when driving. Due to different weather conditions, it is important to stay alert behind the wheel and aware of your surroundings. You may experience delays or even accidents due to road conditions and should always be prepared!
Be smart while exploring some of California’s beautiful mountain landscapes. While snow is a very beautiful and fun occurrence, it is also one that increases the chance of accidents on the road.

G3 Puts Safety First

We want to remind everyone to think of these rules before your next trip! We have done our part to create safe and high-quality roads and infrastructures for the public and hope everyone can do their part to maintain a secure environment.

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