Benefits of a Mobile Testing Lab for Urgent & Remote Projects

mobile-testing-labMost materials testing projects follow a pattern: we visit the job site, collect a sample of concrete or asphalt, and bring it back to the laboratory for processing. Only, some projects pose particular logistical challenges that can only be solved with a mobile testing lab

A mobile test lab is perfect for urgent projects with tight deadlines, as well as jobs in remote locations with impractical transportation costs. Knowing this, G3 Quality has offered testing labs for tricky projects for years, providing a new level of value to contractors and project owners. 

Discover why mobile labs are necessary for a niche set of projects, the types of projects they’re designed for, and the equipment you’ll find in our testing trucks.


The Value of a Mobile Testing Lab 

As Zachary Wheeler, G3 Quality’s Director of Operations, puts it: “Mobile testing labs bring a new level of responsiveness to the materials testing process. They can eliminate the need to bring fieldwork samples back to a brick and mortar lab for processing. They’re perfect for projects with tight constraints that need fast results.”

By eliminating the need to transport materials from project sites that could be hours away, a mobile testing lab streamlines and accelerates project timelines helping projects with tight deadlines or constraints since tests can be conducted on-site.


Projects That Can Benefit From a Mobile Testing Lab

Remote Construction Projects

Projects in remote areas tend to carry logistical challenges: Consider a scenario where a project site is several hours away from the nearest testing lab. Driving back and forth to test those samples in a traditional lab setting wouldn’t just be time-consuming – it’d be impractical. In these situations, a mobile testing lab can quickly be set up on-site, eliminating any need for long-distance transportation. As a result, you’ll save time and significantly reduce transportation costs. 

G3 Quality’s Mobile Testing Labs & the Cima Highway Project

G3 Quality is tasked with testing asphalt for a project on the Cima federal highway, located in the outskirts of Barstow. By employing a mobile testing lab, we are able to reduce transportation costs and save valuable time and meet production schedules.

Projects with Stringent Requirements

Military Installations

Due to logistical constraints, projects on military bases or remote islands pose unique challenges – challenges that can be overcome with a mobile testing lab. Since transporting samples to off-site labs may be impractical as most projects have strict requirements on reporting turnaround or project access. Mobile testing labs are best suited for military installations such as the Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, CA, a project G3 Quality is slated to service. With the right planning, mobile labs can be quickly certified so military project owners can ensure that progress continues without having to wait for external results.

What’s Inside G3 Quality’s Mobile Testing Lab?

Mobile testing labs aren’t just convenient – they flaunt a comprehensive range of equipment, and facilities, and are designed to test numerous materials including concrete and asphalt. 

For concrete testing, our mobile labs house concrete compression machines to assess concrete beam strength and shakers for grading aggregates. You’ll also find ovens used to dry aggregates, necessary to determine optimal concrete performance. As for asphalt testing equipment, each mobile test lab can contain tools to analyze asphalt binder percentages, volumetric properties, and relative compaction. 


Reach Peak Project Convenience with a Mobile Testing Lab

A mobile testing lab is your answer for projects that pose urgent deadlines or impractical logistics, such as remote jobs that require constant back-and-forth between the job site and the laboratory. Bring a new level of value to your materials inspection and testing with G3 Quality’s fleet of mobile testing trucks. 

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