Types of Concrete Used for Constructing Bridges

Concrete is arguably one of the most important materials when it comes to constructing large projects. This also includes constructing bridges. From providing versatility and flexibility while providing the structure with even weight absorption and distribution, concrete is a stellar option for bridges. As technology has advanced, different types of … Read More

G3 Core Value: Effectiveness

At G3 Quality, we have built our company on four principles: Partnership, Ownership, Pride, and Effectiveness. We strongly believe in these values and base our work off of these four very important words. Everyone that is part of the G3 Team conducts their work by these principles.  Effectiveness is an … Read More

Issues Affecting Pavement Performance

Having pavement that can perform at its best is the goal of any road construction or refurbishment project. From creating structurally sound roads to roads that can handle the surrounding climate, pavement must perform well and withstand any outside force it may encounter. Many issues can affect pavement performance, such … Read More

What Sets Us Apart: The G3 Way

The G3 Way is our written code of conduct. It lists a collection of handpicked principles and cultural norms that we follow here at G3 Quality. We expect every member of our team to abide by these guidelines and to behave in a manner that upholds our values. The G3 … Read More

G3 Quality Projects of 2021

At G3, we are constantly involved in exciting projects all over California. From working on highways to ensure their safety and efficiency to using our lab services to test various materials used in railway projects, we do it all! G3 Quality works hard to provide the best services and finished … Read More

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