Celebrating 10 Years of Success Through Our Values

As G3 celebrates its 10-year anniversary, we’d like to give you a bit of our firm’s history.  G3 was established in 2013 by Chris Gerber and his founding partner, Susan Pierce, with a vision of becoming the national quality management company most desired for its partnerships, people, and performance.  Powered … Read More

What is LCA & EPD?

California and the Federal government have been pushing legislation to help decrease the number of carbon emissions (Federal “Buy Clean” Initiative and California’s AB 2953) and Global Warming Potential (GWP) of construction projects. These bills and legislations will affect the engineering industry including contractors which means as an industry we … Read More

LCA and EPD Sustainability

California is one of the leading states with commitments from all parts of every industry to strive to reduce the carbon footprint and Co² in the next 30 years. The construction industry is very much a part of this movement with individual materials that make up concrete and asphalt being … Read More

Why is road smoothness important?

Road smoothness requirements are written into all Caltrans interstate and state highway projects. Contractors are held to high standards to achieve road smoothness tolerances. When pavements are smooth it reduces emissions, reduces vehicle wear and tear, and roads last longer. State DOT’s and government agencies also hear less complaints about … Read More

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