A Look Into the Lab at G3 Quality

At G3 Quality, we have labs in our Cerritos, Bakersfield, and Redlands offices, as well as our mobile labs that meet the needs of each specific job site. All of our office-based labs are Caltrans certified and adhere to stringent AMRL, and CCRL certification requirements, providing regional efficient laboratory testing resources. In addition, our eight mobile laboratories employ some of the most experienced and seasoned Caltrans and ACI certified materials testers. 

G3 Quality’s Lab Team

We pride ourselves in our technologically advanced laboratory operations, equipment, structure, and most importantly, our lab team members. All our laboratory operations are led by professional engineers, managed by technical directors, and audited by our internal quality manager. Utilizing QualityConnect™, our laboratory processes are traceable, reliable, efficient, and provide results effectively to the project team. Strong organizational and technological structure allows our laboratories to efficiently support all projects, but none of this would be possible without the expertise, culture, and pride that all of our lab teams carry out every day.  

“I am well rounded in the lab and adapt as needs see fit. I enjoy working on all projects in the lab, especially when we get busy. Our team is always excited about the work we do.” – Francisco, G3 Cerritos Lab Supervisor 

“I’ve been with G3 for 6 years, and I’m Asphalt Institute Certified in HMA Mix Design Technologies. What attracted me to G3 was the overall sense of community and being able to perform quality lab testing with people I like.” – Peter, G3 Bakersfield Lab Supervisor

G3’ Quality’s Lab Services

Our lab team specializes in testing the quality of materials such as soils, concrete, aggregate, and Hot Mix Asphalt. These tests are critical to understanding the suitability of construction materials to be incorporated into any project. The following are a few highlights of the more common testing conducted for these materials. Our laboratories can perform thousands of tests for a variety of materials, providing valuable information.

Concrete Testing: The quality of concrete is judged by its strength. The required strength is a design consideration that is determined by structural and design engineers. It is attained and verified by properly evaluating the test results provided by our lab. We perform a variety of specialty concrete testing including coefficient of thermal expansion, dry shrinkage testing for normal and rapid setting concretes, and the new Caltrans Section 40 mix design study – which includes compressive strengths correlations and investigation of low beam break with pavement cores.

Aggregate Testing: Aggregate forms the skeleton for concrete, road bases, and hot mix asphalt. It greatly influences the load transfer capability of pavements and slabs. When testing aggregate, our technicians determine its strength, toughness, hardness, shape, water absorption, etc. This is to ensure high-quality and long-lasting performance. We also perform specialty services such as full-depth reclamation and cement treated base mix design testing. This testing allows the use of in-place materials and stabilizing agents to provide sustainable and cost-saving design solutions.

 Hot Mix Asphalt: Our lab team designs and tests hot mix asphalt used for specification compliance. The lab provides critical daily results during production including binder content, gradation, air voids, voids in mineral aggregate. These results allow our client partners to optimize their mixes and maintain confidence in their production. We have a team with decades of experience in developing hot mix asphalt designs, materials consulting, binder testing, and specialty research and development services.

Soils Testing: Our laboratory team delivers soil test results with quick turnaround time, allowing our field technicians to provide accurate numbers and informed advice to the client on soils being placed and compacted on their projects. Important tests that can inform backfill decisions on the fly include gradation, expansion index, sand equivalent, and maximum density. 


At G3 Quality, we are industry leaders who are always embracing change and excellence. We are an elite team of engineers and professionals who provide world-class quality management, pavement engineering, materials design, construction inspection, and testing on infrastructure projects throughout California and the western United States. 

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