Celebrating 10 Years of Success Through Our Values

g3-quality-10-yearsAs G3 celebrates its 10-year anniversary, we’d like to give you a bit of our firm’s history. 

G3 was established in 2013 by Chris Gerber and his founding partner, Susan Pierce, with a vision of becoming the national quality management company most desired for its partnerships, people, and performance. 

Powered by the G3 Way of Growing, Guiding, and Giving, our team has evolved significantly over the past decade, and are here to share both their personal and professional growth since G3’s inception.


Where We Started

Chris and Susan, along with Matt Ramos, established the first office with a full soils, aggregate, concrete, and hot mix asphalt lab in Cerritos, California. Their original focus was to provide project management, materials design, pavement design, inspection and QC/QA testing services throughout the greater Los Angeles region – but within the first three years, the staff and technical capabilities quickly expanded to offer more services and support our clients.  

As a founding partner of G3, Susan Pierce is proud of the team we’ve built, the communities we’ve partnered with, and the lessons we’ve learned along the way. Some of our most difficult times have led us to our largest accomplishments.


How We Have Grown

A decade later, G3 has grown into a talented and dedicated team of over 125 employees serving all of California, Nevada and Arizona from its four office and laboratory locations. G3’s expansion into Redlands, Bakersfield and Sacramento has largely been the result of Chris’ vision of growth, and honoring our commitments to our clients and team. Susan expressed how proud she is that she’s been able to help that vision focus into reality.

We may be recognized on the road by our bright green trucks, but that is not all we’re known for. We’re respected by contractors and public agencies as one of the best in the industry, largely thanks to our value-driven culture – otherwise known as The G3 Way.

Culture has always been a prime focus at G3. Take it from Internal Quality Director Matt Ramos, who’s watched the firm grow over the past decade: 

“The most rewarding part of working at G3 is our people and the culture that we’ve built. I can walk into any one of our satellite offices and it feels like I’m walking into our corporate office – we all work as a team, support each other, and take pride in the work that is being done.”

Along with G3’s outward growth as a company, the past 10 years have seen leaps and bounds of personal growth among our team members. 

Take it from Emanuel Santamaria, a field services specialist since 2013 who’s shared his personal progression throughout his time with G3: 

“My ability to grow and the knowledge and experience I have received here at G3 would not have been possible anywhere else. The confidence I have gained in my ability to interpret specs and use it to help our clients, combined with the support we have here at G3 from the lab and project management team, provides me the tools needed to be successful.”

Mirna Vazquez, Billing and Collections Specialist and longtime G3 employee since 2014, also shared how G3’s outside growth has led to personal growth in her own life: 

“Over the years while the organization has grown so has my role and my skills. I have enjoyed the many opportunities for growth and development.”

Lastly, EJ Both, a field services team member since 2013, mentioned how his professional relationships have particularly strengthened alongside the company’s expansion over the past decade:

“I have established solid relationships with several clients over the years and am often requested to cover their jobs as a result. It is rewarding to know that I go above and beyond to serve our clients.”


The G3 Way

Through this growth, it has been the company’s code of conduct, The G3 Way, that has guided its culture toward today’s success. 

The G3 Way is our written collection of the principles and cultural norms that our organization considers significant and holds fundamental to our successful operation. It focuses on client partnerships, the success of our employees and company performance and reinforces our values of Partnership, Pride, Ownership, and Effectiveness.

Long before G3 existed, Chris and Susan valued the importance of company culture. “We both wanted the foundation of our company culture to be intentional – spoken, lived, something that felt tangible – that is what The G3 Way does. It gives language and structure around our company culture,” Susan Pierce, Vice President. 

When asked what The G3 Way means, Matt Ramos said, “What the G3 Way means to me is to have people within our company who buy into our company values and translate these into their everyday work. The partnerships we build both internally and externally, taking pride in our work, and working effectively is what keeps our people at G3, draws people to join our team, and what keeps clients coming back to G3.”




Success Through the Years

We reached out to a few of our team members that have been with us since the beginning, and asked them to share some of their proudest moments while at G3. 

“Running the first ever lab test at G3! The test was a compacted bulk specific gravity on an asphalt core. I don’t know if Chris or Susan remembers but I called both of them out to the lab so they could witness (history) G3’s very first test.” 

  • Matt Ramos, Internal Quality Director 


“As I reflect on the most significant moments, I always first think of the company-wide meeting we held in the early days of G3, when we could all fit in our upstairs space, to identify our company values. It was the first time we held such a big meeting for our little company. 

Everyone participated and through a day-long curated meeting we identified our core values: Pride, Partnership, Ownership and Effectiveness. We discussed what those definitions were and how that looked in our organization. That meeting set the stage for how we would curate our culture moving forward.” 

  • Susan Pierce, Executive Vice President 


“I remember being in the same culture meeting to help G3 decide which values would drive the firm, and enjoyed being part of the team-building exercise that established G3’s current philosophy.”

  • EJ Both, Field Services


“Being awarded the 2017 project of the year award (FHWA Gecko Road Project) for effective project management. Our team worked diligently to provide solutions, implement procedures, and quick turnaround times on reports to provide an amazing product for all the Glamis Campers.” 

  • Emanuel Santamaria, Field Services


“One of my proudest moments came as we were looking to implement our accounting software. Being a part of the implementation team was challenging and rewarding professionally. Working directly with Chris allowed me to navigate into growth opportunities I did not know existed.” 

  • Mirna Vasquez, Billing and Collections Specialist 


Looking to the Future

We look forward to staying true to our founding principles, commitment to client partnerships, and to Grow, Guide and Give for decades to come.


G3 Quality is an elite team of engineers and professionals who provide world-class quality management, pavement engineering, materials design, construction inspection, and testing on infrastructure projects throughout California and the western United States. To learn more about how G3 Quality can contribute knowledge, expertise, consulting, and professional services to your project, contact us.